Whose House? House of MEGGS

From Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles, California – and everywhere in between – David “MEGGS” Hooke is taking his progressive and dynamic art worldwide. With an abundant number of exhibitions spanning the likes of San Francisco, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Berlin, Honolulu, Miami and more in recent years, MEGGS has been rapidly building quite the following.

Most recently he traversed the United States (San Francisco, Long Beach and Detroit) and Mexico in a multi-month tour which saw the creation of a few massive murals.

First stop: San Francisco! This particular piece located at 1 Rowland St. in North Beach marked a significant point in MEGGS’ career as the privately commissioned mural was his largest wall yet. Made possible by Rocha Art, a vibrant larger-than-life swallow is cast in perpetual descent against a bold red, pink and black background.

Fiery crackling branches are clipped by the bird’s beak and grasped by its talons. In contrast, a few stray icy blue feathers flutter around the majestic creature who commands the attention of the viewer, its wings gloriously unfurled and emanating graceful power. Influenced by the Bay Area’s maritime tattoo culture, the swallow is meant to convey safe passage and represent time spent at sea. A fitting homage to the coastal city and sailor traditions!


MEGGS also tackled the wall of Mr. Espresso‘s warehouse at 696 3rd St. across the bridge in Oakland. Athen B. Gallery arranged the project as part of the ‘House Warming’ grand opening festivities of their gallery (1525 Webster St.).

Two half-portraits, one of a woman and the other of a wolf, are interspersed with the words “Roots Run Deep” in bold italics. Recurring motifs such as fiery brown branches and scattered icy blue leaves make an appearance here as well, a subtle nod to MEGGS’ unique style and constant search “for the harmony between form, abstraction, order and chaos.”

Encapsulating the rising creative energy in Oakland, this piece is a celebration of the past, present and future, incorporating elements referencing hardship, civic pride and opportunity.

One thing can be said for sure about MEGGS’ artwork – the meanings run deep, just like the roots.


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Photo credits: San Francisco wall photos + header image by Brock Brake. Oakland wall photos + Nuvango iPhone case image by Miya Tsukazaki.

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