LVLUP: An Art Show

As our friend and long time collaborator, Justin Pape, reminded me last night, our very first art event as a company happened almost exactly 10 years ago in the alley behind our current new store. It consisted of a few pop up tables, a cooler full of beer and soda, K2 and Angus Robinson spinning some records and the We Kill You crew creating a piece called Seismic with the help of everyone in the crowd.  It took us almost a decade to move just a few steps closer to Queen Street and we couldn’t be happier. Not only was our newly minted Nuvango Gallery able to open its inaugural show with an absolutely stellar line up of artists (see below) but last night also proved to be the culmination of months of hard work and determination. It also highlights the spirit of creativity that has helped define our company for so many years now. LVLUP is a visual ode to some of our favourite Toronto artists that we so dearly love and signifies our arrival in the burgeoning local scene we hope to help shape and inspire for a long time to come. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Justin Pape & Tara Krebs


Serious Alex Garant and Sarah Joncas


Snapping a pic of Mr. Ahnert's work


Couple of tough fellas in front of Justin Pape's new works.


Samara Shuter talks shop.


Pondering some Alex Garant. 


Sarah Joncas' work in discussion.


Exploring the wonderfully bizarre work of Tony Taylor.


"Do you think they sell that hat here? I love it!"


Not-so-serious Alex Garant & Sarah Joncas


Cousin Larry may be mad at how perfect these strangers are.


Dunn & Stu Dead (Playdead Cult) act their age.


Nuvango Staff - What a good looking bunch!

  LVLUP Artists: Alex GarantPlaydead Cult, Tara KrebsKiSung KohTony TaylorRichard AhnertSarah JoncasSamara ShuterJustin Pape and Robert Carter

Huge thanks goes out to our sponsors; Great Lakes Brewery, Norman Hardie Winery and Indie Ale House and to our staff both old and new for everything you did to make last night work. Thanks for being so damn excitable and all around fun folks to be around. You make our presence on Queen that much more fantastic – keep up the good work! LVLUP runs at Nuvango Gallery located at 639 Queen St. W until September 1st. For more information and pricing about the art from LVLUP, please contact