5×5: Anna Wintery

Anna Wintery, a young artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia, loves fairy tales. Looking at Anna’s portfolio, this passion is quite apparent in the thematic elements and general atmosphere of her delicately beautiful images. Girls with long flowing hair seem to carry mysterious secrets and children play with toys in blissful ignorance while something dark and dangerous seems to lurk at the edges of the frames. It was quite exciting to talk to Anna about the stories that have captured her imagination and inspired the images that have captured our eyeballs.

1) Word on the web is that you harbour a deep love for fairy tales. Do you have a favorite story?

I really like tales from all over the world, but I would mark The Snow Queen out – it’s a beautiful story about two poor kids. My favourite part is “The Flower Garden of the Woman Who Could Conjure”, where the flowers tell nice and mysterious stories.

2) Say you had to leave our world behind and go live in a fairy tale world instead. Which one would you choose, and why? Which creature or character would you want to be?

I would like to live in a world full of big and kind monsters, like in the movie Where the Wild Things Are. I want this world to be filled with beautiful princes and sad princesses, magical creatures and unusual animals. There everyone’s dreams would come true. Yeah, that is exactly the world where I would like to live. Maybe I would be happier there.

Oh, I wish I were so many things! A great flying monster, an evil cold queen, a tiny fairy and maybe even a Pokemon. Or just a princess – with magical powers, of course! Then I would conjure up sweets for myself and ride a unicorn.

3) Let’s play pretend for a moment. You’ve been granted three wishes. What do you use them for?

I would be fine with just one – to have an unlimited amount of wishes! But talking seriously, eternal youth would be enough.

4) What sorts of projects are you working on next? What are you really excited about?

Actually, right now I don’t participate in any projects, but hopefully really soon I’ll be able to take part in a video game development as an artist. This inspires me a lot, because I like to play video games. Honestly, it is the only thing I do apart from drawing.

5) What advice would you give to other young artists?

I’d like to have some advice for myself, because I’ve just started drawing. But for now I can give just one advice: to draw as much as you can. Draw, draw, draw, eat ice cream and draw again. It is also important to post your artwork on social networks and to apply for different contests. Also try to participate in projects where illustrators are needed (such as video games, books, cartoons etc.).

BONUS QUESTION: Do you like listening to music while you create? If so, what kind?

Mostly I prefer silence, but sometimes to plunge into work I do listen to music. Usually I just listen to one track on repeat again and again. These are some of my favourites:

Sigur Rós – Hrafntinna
iamamiwhoami – Hunting for Pearls
Alt-J (∆) – Taro
Rökkurró – Sólin Mun Skína
Bitcrush – Tides
Yndi Halda – Dash And Blast
Ariel Pink – Dayzed Inn Daydreams


Enter the magical world that is Anna Wintery’s Nuvango portfolio!

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