5×5: Andrea Hrnjak

Artist/illustrator Andrea Hrnjak is based in the metropolitan city of Vienna, but the call of nature is strong, often playing thematically dominant roles in her artwork. She’s traveling through Croatia at the moment, exploring relaxing woods and breathing refreshing air. We caught up with Andrea briefly for five photos and five Q&As about her beautiful drawings featuring the binary cast of a bold girl and dynamic animal companions.

1) Since you love animals, let’s start with an easy one: do you have any pets currently?

I have an eleven-year-old Siberian Husky named Otis who also inspires most of my works. I am totally in love with huskies and hope to have a husky farm one day. What’s so incredible about these animals is how they can completely change your world in seconds and make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

2) Say you had to leave behind human civilization and go live in the wild with just one species of animals. Which one would you want to be adopted by, and why?


Wolves are beautiful creatures with a high sense of loyalty and strength. While they are totally loyal to the pack, they do not give up their individual identity to the pack. Though their clans are highly organized, they are truly free spirits. 

I admire them for their keen intelligence, agile grace and ability to adapt to different environments.

3) Word on the street is that you’re a big fan of movies. What’s your favourite type? Have any films resonated with you particularly strongly recently?

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is probably one of my favourite movies of all time. 

I love Christopher Nolan’s work, especially Memento and The Prestige but most recently it was Interstellar that brought me to tears. It is a visual masterpiece and a very simple tale of love and sacrifice, simultaneously breathtaking, hopeful and heartbreaking.

4) So you also hold an MA in Fashion Design. Has that degree had an impact on your work? Do you still do any designing?

After graduation I worked as a fashion designer, stylist and fashion design lecturer. I’ve learned a lot while in the fashion industry and had the opportunity to work with some truly talented and inspiring people. I also travelled a lot and lived in different countries. Currently I am taking a long break from it, but who knows? I might start designing again. I just love trying different things!

5)What advice would you give to other young artists interested in both art and fashion design?

Be true to yourself and don’t be afraid of failure.


Check out Andrea’s wild girls and beautiful animals for yourself in her Nuvango portfolio, or connect via Instagram @Andrea_Hrnjak.

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