How did you come to be in the visual arts?

Growing up in Queens as a kid, I often found myself spending time with my dad in his art studio. He was a freelance textile designer so I had access to all the paper, pens, and colored pencils I could ever want and I got plenty of practice using them.

What’s coming up for you currently?

Aside from these new apparel designs, I’m moving into doing more photography and video. Animation has always been a great source of inspiration for me, especially during my childhood, so I’m hoping to start exploring that more in the coming years.


Can’t live without this tool…

Micron pens! I used to always carry around a fine point Sharpie, but now I owe all my allegiance to the good folks at Micron.

What does every up and coming artist need to know?

The whole ‘everything is art’ philosophy is not only counter productive, but also complete and utter bullshit‘Art’ is by definition exclusionary because, as with anything, scarcity instills value. If everything is art, then art becomes valueless. Instead of resting on their laurels and striving for social media fame, young and aspiring artists should stay working and stay honest – every failure is a lesson, and every lesson is a step in the right direction.


Nobody knows this but…

I attended the seminary for four years in hopes of one day becoming a priest. After going through an existential re-awakening during my college years, I began looking at the world and myself much differently, and inevitably chose a different path.

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