Sketching Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx is the lifestyle label of Heather Moore, a self-taught illustrator and designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. About a decade ago, Heather noticed that a scooter shop on Bree St. was to let, made the call and signed the papers and thus Skinny laMinx (the store) was born. Since then, creations from Heather’s studio have traveled to the far reaches of the world and can now be found in stores from Noordhoek to NYC. She’s shared some of the designs from her sketchbook in her appropriately titled Nuvango portfolio, Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK, and here she is to share her story on our blog:


As the designer and creative director at Skinny laMinx, a lot of my job involves sketching and drawing and fooling around with bits of paper. I know. I’m SO LUCKY! But a lot of my drawings and designs never make it onto any of the Skinny laMinx products, and end up living in a drawer, alone and unloved. So when I came across Nuvango, I had a bright idea: I would open a store called “Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK”, where designs that don’t end up in my shop can still get to come to life on a product.

My first bunch of designs in the Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK store all came about when I was tidying up the studio and came across an old plate I’d made.

I used to spend fun hours with ceramics transfers that I’d had made, creating plates, bowls, mugs etc., decorated with my sketches. I was only able to have the transfer sheets printed in one colour, so I liked to chop up the sheets, and assemble the parts into crazy mixed-up flowers. which I called “Frankenflowers” (named for my mad scientist chopping up technique).

I love the Frankenflowers, but we’ve already planned all our fabric prints for the year, so it can’t be used there, but the Nuvango shop is the perfect place to give it new life.

Keep an eye on the Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK store, where I’ll have frequent updates, and only limited quantities of each design. If you’re on Instagram, keep an eye on the #skinnylaminxSKETCHBOOK hashtag, which is where I post my sketches and ideas.


See the collection of Frankenflowers in Heather’s Skinny laMinx SKETCHBOOK.

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