5×5: Ania Tomicka

You’ve lived in Poland, Venice and now reside in Florence. Is there one place that has influenced your work the most?

I think it was Florence. Beside the amazing art museums, the thing that influenced me the most was an illustration school (Nemo NT) that I finished few years ago. I’ve learned a lot of things that I wanted to know even if I never wanted to be an illustrator or a character designer. But who knows!!! Sometimes when I play I just want to drop oil painting and make art for videogames… but this would mean years and years of additional digital art learning and I know I will never give up on traditional painting.

What’s coming up in your world? What are you really excited about doing?

I have really big projects but first I have to learn a lot about oil painting, anatomy and how to draw environments. I lack so much knowledge that I am really excited to continue to study everything and I’m looking forward to have some free time to concentrate on learning.

Who initally inspired you to create?

It was Sailor Moon… I loved her so much that I had to copy every drawing from the manga and the anime; I was so obsessed that I started to draw more and more and become better at it. After few years I betrayed Sailor Moon with more realistic drawings and I started to really learn everything about art.

What does every up and coming artist need to know?

It’s important to show your artworks all over the internet. There are so many social networks and so many sites where you can publish everything. I often see talented artists that publish one thing every 2 or 3 weeks and only on facebook, it’s a pity! People need to see your works and they will talk about you if you show them you are good, passionate about art and you work hard to achieve your goals.

I believe our job is also to inspire others to do their best in what they love.

Which artist makes your heart race?

Salvador Dalì, Leonardo Da Vinci and Martin Wittfooth.

Can’t live without (This art tool)

Super tiny brushes and red pencils.

Nobody knows this but…

I don’t have a social life :D I draw and paint all day and the only thing I enjoy to do after to relax is playing videogames. But yea, I know it’s important to have human relationships and contacts so I am working on that as well. Also my boyfriend is helping me a lot, so I am optimistic.

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