5×5: Danny Ivan

As many artists know, freelancing means there is rarely a dull moment. That’s definitely the case for Lisbon’s Danny Ivan, someone Nuvango is proud to call a contributor. In any given week Danny’s challenging himself with a unique project with a wide-range of partners and clients. Graphic design, product design and fine art are all part of this creator’s wheelhouse and he continues to churn out amazing work in his vein of vibrant, colourful and hypnotic imagery.

Was there ever another career you had in mind?

Yes, when i was young my idea was study to make movies or videos.

Who initially inspired you to deviate from this path and create art?

Some close friends inspired me to start creating art because they saw something in me.

 You’re a self proclaimed “mobile gaming addict.” Give us your top 5 games of ALL TIME!

I was born in 1982, so I had the opportunity to see the gaming industry take shape. My favourite games reflect that:

1) Super Mario Bros

2) Age of Empires

3) Gran Turismo

4) Grand Theft Auto

5) Sonic the Hedgehog  

Can’t live without (this art tool)

iPad because most of the development of my ideas and concepts start here.

Words to live by

Dream big, work hard, stay focused & surround yourself with good people.

Nobody knows this but…

I really love wine and beer.

Weirdest/Coolest/Prized possession in my studio.

I guess my weirdest possession in my studio is a crucifix aside my computer,  I’m Catholic and I believe in God.

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