Warren Mack: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I first met Warren Mack several years ago when a mutual friend and colleague introduced us at a local watering hole. We exchanged pleasantries and then began discussing the hows and whats of his artistic process. This lovely and rather beer-fuelled art-centric conversation took place over the course of the evening and involved touching upon other luminous topics such as the merits of Brian Eno and Roxy Music, a few proclamations made on the efficacy of bacon in its role of making the world go round and I’m sure a couple solutions to end world famine as well.

As it turned out, a conversation worth having with Warren was, in fact, a conversation warranting some Advil the next day. However, what I remembered despite the foggy haze of the previous evening was how confidently he spoke about his work. The manner in which he described each piece was unusual: it was as if they were old friends. I’d never encountered that, but knew instantly that it was something we needed to be a part of. I contacted him that following week and we put his art up on the site very shortly thereafter. Here’s Warren in his own words for our fifth instalment of Behind the Brush:

You can find more of Warren’s work for various things you need in your life right here.

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