5×5: Anna Marine

This time on 5 x 5 we chat with artist and model, Anna Marine. Anna’s love for the occult and illustrating the female form shines through clearly in her work, so we wanted to find out what else moves this rising Russian artist.

What’s coming up in your world? What are you really excited about doing?

Right now, I’m very excited about my studio. I finally have a place to keep all my pencils, paint and artworks. I worked in my bedroom before and it wasn’t really comfortable. The studio will be in mediterranean style and according to it and my last name I call it Marine studio. I also have big plans about my new clothing collection. It already has 7 designs and the title, but it’s not ready for launch, so now I’m working at more designs for it. It goes a bit slow, because I have to finish many commissions and also I’m working at two books with illustrations and stories.

Anna, you often portray women and the occult in your works, what’s the connection?

Yeah, I draw women as long as I can remember. To me, women are always associated with mystery, with dark secrets. Since I’ve read about Eve, mysterious Lilith, Salem witches, this subject,’women and mystery’ always was very attractive to me. Not judging from my appearance, I always will be interested in magic, gothic, paranormal activities (I’m also researching haunted places). Those were the most interesting things for me, the other, unexplored, dark side of our life. I grew up, of course, and while I’m not wearing black everyday, I always will have a big interest in the occult.


What’s in your painting playlist?

The Pretty Reckless – House on a hill, Going to hell
Elysion – Made of lies, Fairytale
Emilie Autumn – Chambermaid
Evanescence – Oceans
Sarah Brightman – Fleurs Du Mal
Amy Lee – Lockdown
Nightwish – Islander
Kesha – Wonderland
My chemical romance – The sharpest lives
Stream of passion – Games we play

“Nobody knows this but…”

I’m reading a lot about dinosaur era, astronomy and mythology. The dinosaurs theme is so interesting to me! I’m enchanted by reading of life on earth before humans! I always imagine how it was there and if I had a chance to travel back in time to see the dinosaurs, like characters from Ray Bradbury’s ‘A Sound of Thunder’,  I would have gone right away! Astronomy is another hobby of mine. I’m thinking about buying a meteorite, to have a small piece of different world with me. And of course, a big telescope.

Is there some advice you’d give to up and coming artists?

If you love it, if that’s what you really want to do, then work hard. Really hard. I can’t stress it enough, when I get messages like ‘Hey, I’m an artist, I want to be on covers of the books and in art magazines, how can I get there?’.  I’m looking at art that this person is making and see badly scanned raw picture with lots of mistakes there. There is no easy money or popularity, guys. Practicing is a key to the good artwork. Buy books for artists, lessons on cd, watch tutorials. Today there are many possibilites to improve your skills. Make good quality product, make a website, an official page on facebook, instagram and tumblr. Keep the content coming every 1-2 days. This is era of internet. Then, offer your art to people. Nobody will find you and propose you a job. Do it yourself. Take 1-2 hours in day to write and call to publishing houses, magazines, clothing companies. Yes, it’s not quite an artistic job, but nowadays to be an artist only is not enough. Of course, it’s hard to keep an inspiration and passion this way, but if you love what you do, it always will be in you. And If you do interesting, quality art you will be noticed.


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