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Chungkong is a designer currently based in the Netherlands. He spends his days crafting brand identities and advertisements at IDFCTRY and his nights creating minimalist posters. His gallery of minimalist music posters and movie posters is massive, consisting of over 400 pieces. Chungkong is particularly drawn to the simpleness of minimalist design, the straightforward belief that the essence itself is beautiful enough.

If his portfolio is anything to go by, the man has fabulous taste in music – John Lennon, Nirvana, Bob Marley… When asked for an all-time favourite though, he confesses to having a soft spot for Pearl Jam because “Eddy is the man.” They say that the journey of a thousand miles (or in this case, the portfolio of a thousand pieces) begins with a single step. Chungkong was kind enough to share a bit about his journey so far.


When I started out designing, I strongly believed that “Less is not more. Less is a bore”. It must have been a reaction to all those boring Swiss school art directors teaching me at the time. White space? F••k it. More was better.

Ironically, these days the majority of my work is about minimalism. After years of making a lot of graphic design noise for a lot of happy clients, I started making “free work”. No clients anymore; just me, making things that I want, that I like. I loved it and concluded to myself that it was much better than my commissioned work. It was, and still is, very liberating to cut the grab. It was a life lesson learned.

The funny thing is, the hardest part about creating minimalist posters is the trap of “Less is a bore”. I still have that little devil on my shoulder telling me over and over again: “less is a bore, less is a bore”. It keeps me sharp, because if it’s too simple, it’s nothing. It is a fine line between too much, too little and just right.

The biggest impact on my work was coming to the realization that being creative is a craft, not a gift. It isn’t about being inspired. It is about starting and making things. It is like Yoda told Luke: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

When someone looks at one of my pieces for the first time, it’s important for them to feel that it is right, that they connect to an emotion. Preferably the emotion I intended too :-)


All of these music posters (and more!) can be found in Chungkong’s Nuvango portfolio. To check out the complete gallery, drop by - as his signature tagline advices: these images are best enjoyed with a smile.

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