Deciphering Abstract Art With Elise Tysick

Abstract art painter Elise Tysick has been “canvasing life colorfully” in Southern California for the past couple of years, expressing herself via vivid, open-to-interpretation paintings that now adorn numerous walls. She’s been featured in Luxe magazine, has modeled for Ford/Robert Black, and worked as a color specialist at a beauty institute.

If the description in our Abstract Art collection is any indication, abstract art can be a bit, well, abstract to us sometimes. It’s a good thing we have passionate aficionados like Elise as part of our community! She’s enthusiastically shared some of her thoughts on various aspects of the art form with us. Take it away, Elise:

On the appeals of abstract art…

Abstract art has always been the first thing I notice when I walk into a room. I love the way it can completely transform a Blah room into something amazing and fabulous. I do a lot of custom work for interior designers so I have seen this firsthand. I love the way different colors and textures can unite on a canvas and evoke a sense of wonder. The painting process has always been euphoric for me. I’ll never get sick of it!

On the process of creating abstract art…

Creating abstract art in a lot of ways is similar to creating traditional art. I usually start with a general idea in my head about what I want it to be, but many times it ends up being completely different. I let the painting lead me and try not to make too many rules about what it should look like. I usually go through several layers of paint and many more hours of creating until I come up with the final product. I love that amazing feeling when I’ve finished a painting that I love. I love to paint in my art studio by the beach and share tidbits of my painting process on my Instagram, @glintandlime_art. Follow me to stay updated on all my latest artwork, advice, and obsessions :)

Wise advice for anyone seeking to try their hand at abstract art…

If you want to try your hand at abstract art don’t torture yourself with a million rules about what you think you should and should not do in order for it to turn out right. You have to lose your fear of being wrong. I always tell my kids there are no rules in art. Just start painting. It could be helpful to find pictures of work that you admire. Try to emulate the parts of the painting that you like, and then make it your own. But just don’t copy their work :)


More of Elise’s vivacious pieces can be found in her Nuvango portfolio. Her current major project in progress is a painting that will be donated to the Mission Hospital Holiday Gala at the St. Regis Hotel. Elise also does a lot of custom artwork for interior designers and personal clients, so get in touch through her website Glint & Lime if you’re interested in picking up a personalized piece.

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