Tanya Shatseva: Gorgeous Time-lapse Painting

Tanya Shatseva describes herself and her location as: Artist, Earth. We’re super glad that she’s a fellow earthling and not an inhabitant of some distant alien planet. There’s definitely something enchanting and otherworldly about her art that we’re all too happy to keep with us here on Earth.

We were captivated by time-lapse videos of her painting process, smartphone clutched in one hand and a brush in the other, all concentration and smiles. The prospect of exploring the mind behind this enigma was super exciting, so we asked Tanya to tell us a bit about her inspiration. She tried her best to provide an answer in “normal human” English, and the response is so delightful. Without further ado:


I think one must have equally good writing and painting skills to describe the ideas behind his/her paintings. Every time I begin to explain my works, it comes out so faded, dull, and so not what I meant. It’s like I’m trying to paint the rainbow with only one black charcoal… which is also an imaginary one. However, there are things and themes that influence and pervade my art.

I love how everything is connected and reflects each other, creating something like a kaleidoscope. It changes all the time while simultaneously staying the same. I am in love with colors. Sometimes they can hypnotize me for a while, sometimes I save pieces of my paper pallets with some interesting mixes of paint, sometimes my emotions or feelings are just combinations of colors in my mind. I am also obsessed with how opposites create unity.

In general, tricky human perception is one of the most interesting and inspiring things for me. All these, and many others, are the pieces of that puzzle which is called inspiration but doesn’t have common meaning. For me it is some energoinformational being. When I say “yes” to the ideas which are offered by it and make art feeding this something with my energy, soul or whatever, it begins to “love” me more, to give more ideas, to have more power on me while giving me more power at the same time. I believe that when the artist dives headlong into an art process, there opens a connection to something beyond human understanding.


The two pieces featured in the videos, Blue Valentine and Perception, can both be found in Tanya’s Nuvango portfolio, along with a host of other stunning pieces. One thing’s for sure – this young artist from Russia is definitely one to keep an eye (or, if you prefer, an Eyerth) on.

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