Breaking Liquids & Sculpting Glass With Ben Young

Ben Young is a New Zealand-raised, Sydney-based artist and sculptor who makes stunning glass creations by hand, transforming 2D shapes into 3D scenes and objects.

Nature – especially water – features prominently in his work. An avid surfer and boatbuilder, capturing the perfection and the raw power of sea waves has been one of the key elements Ben aims to achieve with his art.

Ben’s process is a meticulous one that involves drawing, cutting and synthesizing layers and layers of glass by hand. Although the finished products have an aura of clean-cut simplicity, the planning behind it involves a lot of complexity. “I do a lot of thinking before I even start to draw or cut,” explains Ben.

The materials used – which may include cast concrete, galvanized rod, bronze, etc. in addition to glass – are simultaneously dichotomous and harmonious, metaphoric of the ocean’s power and grace.

More in-depth details and images can be found on Broken Liquid, Ben’s website.

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