Welcome to Sarah DeRemer’s Zoo of Hybrid Animals

Artist Sarah DeRemer is no stranger to dichotomy – she was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States, and now lives in Seoul, South Korea. It’s not surprising that the fusion of things that are usually separate is a prominent theme in her work. The results of her combinations elicit a range of reactions: delight, mirth, and perhaps even surprise. Sarah makes images of hybrid animals spliced together with both other animals and food! We’ll let Sarah tell you a bit about her creations in her own words:


Yodeling Parroat

On hybrid animals…

For the hybrid animals, I really just make those for fun. I think of two creatures that I think would be amusing to combine and try to make it happen! I really like combining growling or yawning animals with little cute ones. One of the initial ways I started learning photo-manipulation was through practicing with animal hybridizing.

King Charles Spanbull


On animals hybridized with fresh fruits & veggies…

From there, I noticed the potential for a series stemming from an interesting juxtaposition between live animals and produce, rather than just different animal species, which is what started the Animal Food series! I found that the combination of forms interesting and realized that it made a visually strong image that people would have strong opinions about. A lot of the project was a study in color and negative space, as well as creating a cohesive image through hybridizing, but I also just enjoyed creating something both amusing and potentially thought-provoking.


More of Sarah’s recombinations can be found on her Facebook page; a selection of her hybrids and manipulations are available as canvases, art prints, and tech accessories in her Nuvango portfolio.

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