MSTR X WRKS: Defining a New Narrative

There’s a huge art bomb about to be dropped on Long beach today and we’ve got the bombardiers charts. The Long Beach Museum of Art will be playing host to latest curatorial offering from our friend Nathan Spoor ( Seriously, when does he sleep?) and it promises to deliver the payload in spades. Masterworks: Defining A New Narrative will open tomorrow displaying defining works from some of the most adroit contemporary artists the western world has to offer. The show centres around 14 artists that have been exploring new narrative directions consistently within their works over the last decade. Each artist (MSTR) is presenting a piece (WRKS) that represents a pivotal point in their career; the masterwork. Nathan let us in on a little sneak peek of what’s happening over at the gallery as they get ready for the show, so please enjoy these behind the scenes action shots of the show’s mounting along with some of the pieces in the show.

Some simple words of wisdom from Aron, Esao and Greg.


Nathan Spoor

Esao Andrews

Aron Wiesenfeld

This event, which has been over three years in the planning will feature works from Esao Andrews, Sean Cheetham, Natalia Fabia, Alex Gross, James Jean, Josh Keyes, Mario Martinez, Jeff McMillan, Greg Simkins, Nathan Spoor, Nicola Verlato, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld, Martin Wittfooth with co-curating assistance by exhibiting artist Jeff McMillan.

Alex Gross' work with Museum director, Ron Nelson.

James Jean

Nicola Verlato's piece about to be hung.


Eric White

The exhibition is accompanied by a fantastic 240 page, full-color book that features all the work in the show, the historical text, interviews with each artist as well as paintings from the artists’ oeuvre that was created on their path to the Masterwork piece. Stunning! 

If you’re in Orange Co. tonight, you should really do yourself a favour and go and check out this show. One of the events of the year for sure.

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