Fintan Magee in Culver City, LA

Art is a universal language, uniting people across distances and time. Earlier this year in June, Fintan Magee, an Australian street artist, journeyed to Culver City, Los Angeles to create two murals. The eight-day painting project curated by Dan O’Brien was captured on video by Holly Gable-Port and condensed into two minutes of stunning action.

Dan O’Brien is an editor, fan of the arts and very civically active resident of Culver City. There was a giant blank wall across from the neighbourhood coffee house where he often picked up his morning brew; looking at the blandness, Dan saw its potential and sought to make it better.

While researching street artists, Dan stumbled upon Fintan Magee’s work and got in touch. As a very community-minded individual, Dan then got the local high school’s art program, AVPA (Academy of Visual and Performing Arts), in on the project as well. When Fintan (who’s previously been heralded as “Australia’s Banksy”) journeyed to Culver City, in addition to the original blank wall by the coffee house being beautified, a second mural featuring two Culver High arts students was put up at Culver City High School. Fintan worked with the students and also gave a talk about street art and his work.

This project that was made possible by the partnerships between Dan O’Brien, Fintan Magee, Holly Gable-Port, the art teacher Ms. Hatanaka and the students, is truly an example of the popular adage that “teamwork makes the dream work.”

You can find more of Fintan Magee’s art here, Holly’s work here, and Dan’s work here.

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