Excelling at Art – Made in Microsoft Excel

Last week, we showcased Philippines-based artist Jordan Mang-osan, who creates art using wooden boards, the sun and a magnifying glass. Today, we’re featuring Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, whose tool of the trade is Microsoft Excel. Yeah, that Excel - the one most people use for data spreadsheets.

The 74-year-old from the Nagano Prefecture got his start in this particular art form thirteen years ago as he was about to head into retirement, and has been at it since. But why Excel? Turns out the answer’s quite straightforward: it came pre-installed free on the computer he’d bought.

It’s indisputable that Microsoft Excel is an extremely useful and powerful tool for managing, synthesizing and analyzing data – but it’s hard to imagine that even the team that created this tool anticipated its use being quite so next level…


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