The Art and Science of Eleanor Lutz

Eleanor Lutz isn’t like the others. Oh sure, she’ll create you a beautiful city scape, or craft a witty illustrated affirmation, but what she’s not letting you in on is that she’s hatching an evil plot to erase humanity at the molecular level.

Ok, that might be a little bit exaggerated, but this Nuvango family member and artist does have a degree in Molecular Biology. Not only is she wicked smaaht, she’s got a great eye for colour, composition and form. She also happens to be one of the rising new artists we collaborate with.

The synergy of Eleanor’s two worlds is a delightful little blog she calls Tabletop Whale, in which she pairs her scientific tendencies with her creative nature and love of design. The results are colour-laden, scientifically informative animations without any hint of triteness. Simply lovely.

For more of Eleanor’s creations, check her out here.

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