And the #NuvangoCover winner is…

Back in June we announced our back cover contest for the next Hi-Fructose issue. You responded with a metric boatload of awesome imagery of every color, design and motif. Lamentably, we had to whittle the list down to a manageable amount that was then subjected to a vote by our staff here at the HQ. It’s never easy judging something based in the creative realm but, much like The Highlander, there can only be one.

In this case, adorning the back cover of the latest Hi-Fructose magazine is Megan Majewski and her piece “Rae”. Congrats, Megan!

Following her triumphant victory dance, we asked Megan a few questions about the work, creativity and what’s happening in her sphere. Here’s what she had to say.

So, what was the inspiration for your winning piece?

“Rae” is part of an ongoing theme that I have been playing with for a while. She lives in a post-apocalyptic world with many other characters. While even wearing a gas mask, the air is so toxic that everyone is starting to mutate and evolve to be part human and part animal. They are classy ladies and still like to dress in their finest clothes in this horrific destroyed world.

Can you walk us through your creative process?

I usually start off by looking at images that I have saved as inspiration. I do a bunch of sketches to play around and when I find one I like, I do a finished drawing. I usually try and plan everything out before, how I want the image cropped, framed, color concept. This way, going into it, the image in my head is a lot more clear and I have an easier time making what is in my head come out how I want it to. Many times there are still surprises and small changes along the way.  The most labor intensive part of course is the painting itself, but it is also my favorite as I get to watch the characters come alive in their own little world.

How do you feel about the Pop/Surrealist art scene in Canada?

I have definitely noticed that pop surrealism is much bigger and supported in the States and many more galleries that showcase it there. However it is still popular in Canada and there are a lot of amazing artists here as well. I’m so happy to have Nuvango as a Canadian company that supports this kind of art and hopefully to make it even more popular in Canada.

Who amongst your Nuvango contemporaries do you find inspiring? Besides art, what else drives you creatively?

You actually have a bunch of artists whose work I have followed and admired for years. I feel lucky to be shown beside artists such as… Tara McPherson (her colour pallet always makes my heart swoon), Audrey Kawasaki (I love her delicate beautiful girls), Travis Louie (has the oddest creatures that you want to meet), Sarah Joncas (she creates amazing mood lighting on beautiful characters like no other), Allison Sommers (love her horrifically beautiful work). And of course some of my favourites also happen to be fellow Vancouver artists. Nomi Chi, Camilla D’Errico, and Ryan Heshka! Plus I’ve been introduced to a whole new batch of artists that I now follow after seeing them on Nuvango.

Artists’ work definitely drive me creatively. I love when an artist can create a piece of work that by just looking at it, inspires me and makes me want to grab my pencils and brushes. I also find inspiration from hundreds of other places. From pretty girls, the carnival, circus freaks, lonely forests, taxidermy, antiques, walking at night, and pretty things all the way to creepy bloody gory things. And the list goes on and on.

I noticed you’ve got a few upcoming shows – what’s happening?

This weekend I have a couple of pieces on display in Tucson, Arizona at the Baker + Hesseldenz Gallery for their “1st Annual Masters of Pop-Surrealism Exhibition”.  My pieces in the show are some more pretty gas mask ladies that go along with my winning entry.  I’m showing along side some other incredible artists such as Michael Hussar, Chet Zar, JAW Cooper, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tara McPherson, and many more.

I’m also currently working on a solo show for Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles that opens March 6th. The show will be the 10 year anniversary of the first time that I ever exhibited my work. For my very first art show 10 years ago, I completed 100 paintings in 100 days, and I am doing it again!  It is an insane amount of work and I am working long hours, but I am really happy with the pieces so far.  I am currently on day 29 and still going strong.  I can tell that I will definitely be a zombie by day 100 and might need a week straight of sleep afterwards.  But it will all be worth it in the end.

Check out Megan’s work on awesome stuff here.

Our love for Hi-Fructose magazine goes back almost a decade to when we were just starting out. We were continually inspired and influenced by their curatorial content and attitude towards this art scene, so it made sense to work with them on this interactive ad. Do yourself a favor and get inspired – check out Hi-Fructose and their super rad taste in art here.  Each magazine is a treat that you’ll hold onto for a long time.


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