Diving Deep With Graham Curran

Growing up in South Bay (near Los Angeles), Graham Curran spent a significant chunk of his childhood at the beach. As an adult, his intense relationship with the ocean hasn’t waned at all. Vivacious imaginings of what may lurk beneath the surface feature prominently in his work, offering tantalizing glimpses into a possible hidden world.

In addition to taking inspiration from the sea, Graham considers Greg “Craola” Simkins (another ultra-talented artist we’ve had the honour of working with since our GelaSkins days!) his hero and mentor. Graham had the opportunity to work and intern with Craola for a number of years; the two would sometimes skate around during their lunch breaks.

Graham takes his coffee black and enjoys documentaries while in the studio. He’s also recently learned the art of barbering – you can drop by for a hair chop and casual chat about art with him at Paul Mitchell in Costa Mesa, CA.

Armed with a degree in Illustration from CSU Long Beach, a strong affinity for nature and an exploratory spirit, Graham is ready to delve deeper. The question is, are you ready to dive in with him?


*Credits: masthead photograph by Brent Broza; video showcasing a day in the studio filmed and edited by Jordan Ahern, music by Gramatik.

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