Suggestivism: A Show Within An Idea

I recently caught up with artist/author/curator Nathan Spoor about his ongoing adventures in Suggestivism, a concept that deals with an artist’s natural sensitivity to finding inspirations and creating artwork. The recent Suggestivism: Chronology exhibition at Copro Gallery was Spoor’s fifth successful show under the Suggestivism banner, featuring two museum exhibits and three gallery shows. As modern exhibitions reveal many impressive voices and nods toward a growing movement – none are complete without the allure and vitality that Suggestivism brings to the conversation. The question is, what does Suggestivism mean?

Copro Gallery

Charlie Immer

Michael Page

Nathan: In its true essence, Suggestivism is an art that relies on the greater realms beyond touch or sight – it is the result of a magical occurrence. It is a physical moment produced that energy creates when it passes through a specific individual. The only real evidence of most things is the optical result. The result here is that Suggestivism offers a fantastic and personal representation of what the artist was thinking or experiencing, intending, expressing.

Nick Sheehy

Dan May

Hanna Yata

At its core, Suggestivism is a kind of courier of exceptional insights – providing many fascinating treasures at unexpected intervals for those interested in being sensitive to its call. It is neither male nor female; it is human. Suggestivism is an art that heralds the core being of an individual seeking to communicate on a more visceral level and aesthetic. Suggestivism is an agent of necessary change within the arts. Perhaps it is the catalyst. Perhaps it is the vehicle.

Jana Brike

At its basic level, Suggestivism is based on the artist’s specific and unique vision, a psychological or even mystical manifestation brought into reality by an artists’s personal aesthetic. It’s often representational, almost always in fact, but is never restricted to being figurative or needing to include the figure.

Joe Hengst

Scott Musgrove

A Suggestivism exhibition asks for participating artists to be true to their vision, and to bring their personal best. Suggestivist work is art that reflects a biographical honesty that can only be told by one voice. That’s what this is all about – showing who you are and what you’re capable of. If this is a movement then it’s a very strong and beautiful one, and many people can be touched by different aspects of these shows and inspired to create and make a positive difference.

Left to right: Joe Vaux, Joe Hengst, Heidi Taillefer, Nathan Spoor, Nicola Verlato, Michael Page, RS Connett, Rob Sato (gallery photos courtesy Sam Graham)

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Nicoletta Ceccoli

Naoto Hattori


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