Top 6 Ways To Bend-Proof Your iPhone 6

1. Bubble Wrap

Bonus: Bubble wrap dance party when you’re done. Pop ‘n Lock!

2. No Skinny Jeans!

Tight hipster jeans are said to have caused this mess and countless others. Stop the madness once and for all!

3. iFort

Doubles as a badass place to eat snacks.

4. Tissue Box

Upgrade to aloe for extra soft protection and added moisture.

5. iSplint

Ruler + Tape + Ruler = Success

6. An artist-designed iPhone Case from Nuvango

Our iPhone 6 Cases add an extra measure of rigidity to your prized device, helping to prevent direct pressure to the areas which cause bending. Plus, you’re supporting our roster of talented indie artists and decking out your device with the best art on earth.

Check out the full catalogue of iPhone 6 products by Nuvango Gallery & Goods 

She Who Dares by Audrey Kawasaki

Sanctuary by Ivy Jacobsen


Intermezzo by Andy Gilmore

Motherboard by Derek Prospero


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