#NuvangoCover Shortlist: Part One

We recently put out a call for for you to design the next back cover of Hi-Fructose magazine, and we were seriously impressed with the level of talent that was brought to the table. The sheer breadth and depth of entries received was astounding to see; we had 3D lego pieces (here’s looking at you, Justin Blayney), Inception-style kinetic sculptures (hey there, GJ Pearson), and even oil paintings accompanied by speed painting time lapse video demos (wow, Brittany Hanks). The volume of entrants certainly didn’t make the task of narrowing down the entries easy, and we really wish we had the space to accommodate more than one #NuvangoCover.

In any case, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the entries which have resonated with us the most. But if you’d like to peruse the full gamut (and why wouldn’t you?), you should really scroll through the #NuvangoCover hashtag – there’s tons more great art to be seen. One of these finalists will ultimately be featured on the back cover of Hi-Fructose. Here’s part one of our list; stay tuned as we reveal more of our shortlist in a series on the blog over the next week.

Tyler Lamph (@tlamph)

N.S. David (@antelogi)

Sarah Joncas (@sarah_joncas)

Aaron Kraten (@aaronkraten)

Mark Richmond (@skidoneart)

Josh Marlar (@joshmarlarart)

Brooke Powell (@ebpowell)

Lolra King (@lolradesign)

Ben Owens (@phineartdesigns)

Brian Viveros (@viveros_brand)

Edward Cao (@edwardcao)

Marco Nabi (@nabiart)


A couple of these awesome artists have already joined the Nuvango community. Check them out: Tyler Lamph, Sarah Joncas, Aaron Kraten, Brooke PowellBrian Viveros, Edward Cao & Marco Nabi.

Stick around, because we have more awesomeness to reveal in the coming days…

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