Richie Hawtin has his eye on you

Richie Hawtin is undoubtedly, in terms of electronic music, a legend. His longevity in that realm is noteworthy on its own as so often these days EDM artists are a dime a dozen and explode onto the scene then quickly drop off into obscurity. But to be cemented into the lexicon of its history, you have to have staying power – which this English-born, Canadian-raised techno tour de force certainly has in abundance.

Nuvango skins have been adorning Mr. Hawtin’s devices for many years

Well, Richie’s back in Ibiza this summer at ENTER with an entire line-up of sizzling hot DJs that will play alongside him for the 14 week season. They say that music has the power to take you to transcendental states; they also say that eyes are windows into the soul. So we teamed up with Richie and photographer Suren Manvelyan to create a collection of Nuvango products featuring the eyes of Richie’s crew.

To do what Suren Manvelyan does as a photographer is no easy feat. Macro photography of a subject matter like the human eye is something extremely specialized and frankly, cool as hell. This world renowned photographer has been showcased by National Geographic, Wired, The Guardian and a slew of other respected and well-read publications.

And just in case you think he might be a one-trick pony, Suren is, among other things, a theoretical physicist and a musician capable of playing no less than five instruments (not at the same time… we think). Dr. Manvelyan has not only looked into the souls of each of the artists playing at ENTER this summer, but also captured the windows to do so.

To set your own eyeballs upon the full line of ENTER 2014 skins and cases, go here.

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