Ryan Heshka – Mean Girls Club

Last month we were in beautiful Portland, Oregon to attend the inspiring ICON conference. When I heard that our very own Ryan Heshka was having a show in the lobby-gallery of W+K, I instantly abandoned what I was doing (getting my sugar high at Voodoo Donuts) and ran straight to the headquarters of the infamous Rose City ad agency. Boy, was I rewarded for that frantic sprint across town. As soon as I pulled open the heavy metal doors, I was transported to Ryan’s strange pink world inhabited by oddly attractive yet menacing females.

I knew Ryan was a painter, and a talented one at that, but he has a few surprises here with a really well crafted installation where you can pass your head through peep holes and gaze at 8mm stop motion animations casting Ryan’s usual suspects.

My head still spinning, I swiftly walked into a second room loaded with original drawings and paintings. Can’t show them all here but trust my words, each one of them was beautifully executed. Epic battles of bug-mounted knights fighting giant earthworms, hot babes tortured by blood-thirsty robots, every creation was an ode to questionable B-movie scripts which seems to be Ryan’s main source of inspiration.

"The Quiet Battle" - Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

"Disasterama" - Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel

"One Hope" - Acrylic and mixed media on paper

In short, Ryan’s show was awesome and you should definitely keep an eye on his future exhibitions. If you couldn’t make in time to visit the show, have a peek at Mr Heshka’s profile page and wipe away those tears running down your cheeks. This is what great work looks like.





"Neon Queen" - iPhone Skins & Cases

"Luxuries Of The Past" - Samsung Cases & Skins

"The Six" - Laptop Skins

"Factory Microscope Laboratories" - iPad Skins

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