An Artful Hollow’s Eve….

Here at Nuvango we pride ourselves on bringing Art & Fashion together on a regular basis, but recently we came together to add a ghoulish spin on our apparel with a Halloween shoot. We hope it inspires some creative and artistic costumes. (But really, it gave us an excuse to play dress-up in our photo studio!)


Philipp Rietz’s, ‘HATERS GONNA HATE!’ pattern inspired our rebellious Minnie and Micky Mouse look. The ‘Action Packed’ artwork by Derek Prospero was perfect for our comic book girl.


Our vibrant and artistic RGB skeleton was created with the artwork ‘Vesalio” by Carnovsky in mind.


Our military models were an obvious choice using the ‘Guns’ piece by Upper Playground. We never shy from the pattern on pattern look, halloween or otherwise! What’s halloween without a vampire? ‘Heart Skulls’ leggings by Playdead Cult were the perfect compliment for our new age vampire.


Although ‘Tossed’ by Kozyndan portrays waves in action, we felt it was the perfect illusion for our sombre Angel.


Danny Ivan’s artwork ‘Space Cat Feat. Bryan Gallardo’ was purrfectly accompanied by kitten ears of steel. Let’s not forget about the guy who shows up to a Halloween party claiming to be a robot because they have a box on their head. We think it works much better when you pair that last minute “costume” with “Motherboard” by Derek Prospero.


We couldn’t decide on whether or not to create a heartbreaker or taker so we’ll let you decide. “Love Letter’s” by Derek Prospero was the inspiration for our bleeding heart character.


Special thanks to our Nuvango Family for playing dress-up and to Frances Manabat for leading the make-up charge, making us all look fabulously frightening. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! XO Nuvango

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