This is Happening Session 3: Learning to Love Your Spreadsheets

Accounting, Invoicing, Taxes and Other Business....blah blah blah, right? WRONG! We've saved the best for last.

Welcome to the LAST session of our three part sessions, 'This is Happening'. You can learn about our first session here and our second session here

By signing up for this session, you are signing up to learn about some tools and resources to assist you with accounting, invoicing, taxes and other business needs. Disclaimer: we always advise you obtain third party advice when it comes to things like accounting/taxes/etc. BUT this session will arm you with information that will help you be better prepared for these sorts of advisor meetings.

We'll have a special guest from Toronto's own Freshbooks to touch on the benefits of cloud accounting, tips on how to invoice ‘like a boss.' They will also run a demo of FreshBooks to show you how it can be used as a bookkeeping tool and help keep small business owners organized.

Please RSVP using this link as space is limited.