Get your Carnovsky-on, one last time!

#CarnovskyXNuvango #NuvangoGallery

Maybe you’re one of the 1,000+ people who have visited our current exhibit RGB: A Voyage, or maybe you haven’t had a chance yet, either way you won’t want to miss out on saying farewell to this incredible experience of light and colour, by Italian design duo Carnovsky. You will find our closing party details here and although there is no RSVP for this public closing, we recommend you join the event page to stay up to date on details as well as post party photos and notes to participants. 

Space is limited, but if there is a line there will be a one in, one out policy implemented. We’ll have a few photographers and videographers on site, Toronto Offsite Design Festival-goers will be showing up, as well as a special guest wearing our couture Carnosky gown for a portion of the evening.

Here’s what 400 people partying under the red, green and blue looked like at our opening night:


NOTE: This exhibit uses changing coloured lights. Those with light sensitivities should proceed with caution.

Unfamiliar with the works of the talented Milanese duo, Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla? Read our round up here or dive a little deeper and watch a 3 min video here.

See you at the gallery,
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