Art Outright: Meet Gabriel Parniak

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Gabriel Parniak is a collage artist practicing in both Guelph and Toronto. He attended NSCAD in Halifax, and graduated from a residency with Boarding House Arts in Guelph in 2014. Gabriel's work plays with the political and cultural, poking fun at our most recognized media members, threaded with important critique.

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Nuvango: How does your studio space help shape your practice? Does it have any sentimental or symbolic meaning to you? If you don't use one space consistently, have you found any changes in your work based on where (physically) you make it?

Gabriel: My studio tends to be pretty basic, but I can never have a big enough desk. Organization is key. I keep source materials in labelled folders and know which drawers in my flat file hold what materials. I've made work in open warehouses, rented rooms, and in my own home. My practice doesn't hinge on one medium, so the projects I decide to take on often relate directly to the space I have at my disposal at any given moment. I don't have much sentiment attached to the space I work in. In time, I'll make something, regardless of where I find myself.

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Nuvango: How did you get here? Tell me a little bit about your journey so far.

Gabriel: I've always loved working with my hands and creating images that reflect my view of the world. After doing extraordinarily averagely in most subjects besides art in high school, I enrolled at NSCAD in Halifax where I painted, made prints of questionable archival quality, and painted on trains and walls. I received my BFA in 2013, and since then have participated in group shows and residencies in Toronto and Guelph. I've shown solo in Halifax and Guelph, and in 2014, my sculpture, Cup (24 oz. of misrepresentation) was shown at the SUPERMARKET art fair in Stockholm, Sweden, and blew up the Canadian Sub-Reddit with patriotic outrage. In early 2015, I worked in Oaxaca City, Mexico with Toronto duo Marman and Borins on a project of theirs, co-presented by Ed Video and Parallel Gallery Oaxaca. I also curated and published a book of my collages and texts from various collaborators across the country thought PS Guelph this year.

NuvangoGallery ArtOutright Gabriel

Nuvango: What do you plan on creating while at Nuvango gallery? Do you have a specific project in mind?

Gabriel: At Nuvango, I will most likely be working on some rule-based newsprint collages. These works are all analog, and their subject matter is partially dictated by the daily news. In this case, the Toronto Star. I might also be working on test printing some found materials at a larger scale...not sure yet. My studio usually has a lot of found printed matter in various altered, and often unfinished, states.

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