Nuvango Gallery Presents: IN OUR VEINS

Nuvango Gallery In Our Veins Jason Edmiston Alex Pardee Camilla Derrico Colin Christian Sarah Joncas

Nuvango Gallery in partnership with Jason Edmiston is very thrilled to present our next exhibition, In Our Veins.

In Our Veins is a collaborative installation and group exhibition which highlights the pop-cultural and pop-art influences of 19 artists from across North America. Nuvango Gallery will be converted into an intimate and curious space reflecting the home or studio of these artists most devoted collector, a character who seems to be stuck between a few decades of pop culture’s past. Moody decor, kitsch accents and nostalgic items will bring visitors to the past, while viewing contemporary representations of this cult aesthetic. In Our Veins was designed to highlight the different channels each of these artists have taken, though they have stemmed from similar cultural roots. From tiki to horror, vinyl to antiques, the gallery will be home to several different disciplines and styles  - showcasing the artist’s very first influences and their latest adaptations.

Join us Thursday, February 11th at 8:00pm to view this curious collection and celebrate the opening of Nuvango's latest exhibition. RSVP using this link.

Far away fans fear NOT! We will have a special originals PRE-SALE on our site so you can get your hands on some of these pieces before they are viewed by the public. Visit this link after 4pm (EST) on Monday Feb 8 to gain access to the gallery pre-sale. Or visit our originals link for access to past pieces. 

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