In Our Veins: Get to know the artists (Part 1)

Nuvango Gallery Salon Wall for In Our Veins

 Gallery & Events Manager Rachelle 'Ro' Sabourin takes in the In Our Veins salon wall. 

Nuvango Gallery’s current exhibition In Our Veins is proud to be hosting 19 wildly creative North American artists. Though they work in several different mediums and styles, these artists are all tied together within the artistic realm of ‘pop-realism’, an intricate play between highly realistic detail, and surreal characters or subject matter. Each week, until the exhibition closes on March 11th, we’ll be releasing a series of blog posts that dive into the career, practice and lives of the talented artists participating in In Our Veins. This week, meet Colin Christian, Steven Daily, Scarecrowoven and Alex R. Kirzhner.

Colin Christian Screen Shot

Colin Christian was born in London in 1968, he left school at the young age of 15 and moved to Morocco for a year with his mother, sister and brother. Christian began creating fiberglass figures and displays in 1998 and completed his first sculpture, a 7ft tall anatomically correct anime girl named ‘Suki’ shortly thereafter. Thus begun Christian’s surreal adventure into the world of female figures. Christian is inspired by old sci-fi movies, pinup girls, supermodels, anime, electronic music, and author H.P. Lovecraft, all of which is evident in his luxurious and exaggerated renditions. Christian has become incredibly recognized in his field through personal artistic ventures as well as commercial projects for various businesses, museums and even the world’s largest mousetrap (now featured in the Guinness Book of World Records). Colin Christian is married to artist Sas Christian, and they often work together or use each others work for inspiration. You can visit Colin Christian’s sculpture “Cleft” in the South West corner of Nuvango Gallery.

Cleft by Colin Christian Nuvango Gallery
Cleft by Colin Christian

Steven Daily was born in Southern California in 1973, and now lives in Los Angeles. He is an artist, illustrator, instructor, curator and gallery owner. He has been inspired by the decrepit state of the American dream in the Southern United States, taking notice of abandoned homes, rail yards and the graffiti movement. Despite his dark tone, Daily has worked with Disney as well as HBO and other major clients. Daily’s work is cerebral and mature, but plays with the human condition in an approachable and accessible manner. You can visit Steven Daily’s painting on wood “Vagabond” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery, this work is also available as print in a limited edition of 10.

Steven Daily Original Art and Print at the Nuvango Gallery

Vegabond by Steven Daily 

Scrarecrowoven is an alien emissary who was sent to our planet 12 million seven hundred thousand years ago, he has now adopted elements of human subcultures which have in turn inspired the artwork he creates. Particularly, he is interested in skateboarding, music, veganism, comic books, sci-fi and horror movies as well as the 80’s underground street culture. He is inspired by blood, gore and the frailty of the human race. You can visit Scarecrowoven’s three illustrations “Harley 7 II”, “Harley 7 III” and “Harley 7 V”  in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery, these three works are also available as highly-saturated prints in a limited edition of 5 each.

ScarecrowOVEN print Nuvango Gallery
Harley 7 V print by Scarecrowoven. Visit our site to see all of Scarecrowoven's current works as part of In Our Veins. 

Alex R. Kirzhner is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and boasts several impressive accomplishments such as two Grammy nominations for best box set/limited edition packaging and the NARM award for outstanding achievement in music packaging. Kirzhner is an art director, illustrator and photographer who has created mesmerizing work for clients such as Warner Music, the Weinstein Company and big names in music like FUN and Panic at the Disco. Kirzhner’s work is inspired as much by pop culture as it is history and is rooted in intense detail. His inspirations range from 90’s comic books to Alexander McQueen, and “every damn thing by Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli”. You can visit Alex R. Kirzhners two works “Persephone” and “Proserpina” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery, both works are also available as prints in a limited edition of 5.

Perephone Alex R. Kirzhner Nuvango Gallery In Our Veins

Proserpina by Alex R. Kirzhner

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