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Nuvango Gallery’s current exhibition In Our Veins is proud to be hosting 19 wildly creative North American artists. Though working in several different mediums and styles, these artists are all tied together within the current artistic trend of ‘pop-realism’, an intricate play between highly realistic detail, and surreal characters. Get to know the artists before exhibition closes on March 13th. Read on to dive into the career, practice and lives of the talented artists participating in In Our Veins. This week as part 3 of the series, meet Kevin Tong, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Bruce White, Justin Hopkins and Sarah Joncas.

Kevin Tong Nuvango Gallery

Kevin Tong is a freelance illustrator in Austin, Texas. Screenprinting was his first passion, and still plays a major role in his practice, along with he’s best known for his striking limited edition screen printed posters for huge names in the entertainment industry such as The Black Keys, MGMT, Bon Iver, Mogwai, Circa Survive and The Ramones. He has also authored and illustrated his own children’s book “Earth Machine” which follows the wild and impatient imagination of a young boy anticipating the morning. Tong is inspired by the everyday, as his work often speaks to nostalgia, familiarities, philosophy and science. You can visit Kevin Tong’s piece “Target Practice” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Sam Wolfe Nuvango Gallery

Sam Wolfe Connelly currently lives and works in New York City, after attending the Savannah College of Art & Design. Connelly’s work has been compared to the imagery or feeling of trying to remember a beautiful dream after waking up by Hi Fructose Magazine. This perfectly describes his soft yet detailed approach to figures, animals and scenery. Connelly has been featured in several fine art publications, group and solo shows internationally. You can visit Sam Wolfe Connelly’s two works “The Thicket Stirs” and “Dance With Me” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Bruce White Nuvango Gallery

Bruce White is a BFA printmaking graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a tattoo artist for over 13 years, and a painter. White is incredibly unique in his approach to painting, as he believes Jesus and Elvis are not the only idols who deserve to be immortalized on a velvety canvas. White paints on black velvet to give impressive depth to his pop-culture portraits, creating a true black (as black velvet absorbs light) as a background or shadow. You can visit Bruce White’s two velvet portraits “Bride of the Monster” and “Hunter and Prey” on the West wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Justin Hopkins Nuvango Gallery

Justin Hopkins grew up in the small but beautiful city of Mukilteo, Washington where he began drawing at the age of 6 and quickly excelled to working on corporate advertisements by age 14. Not too long after, Hopkins was hired by the legendary illustrator Charles White III and moved to Los Angeles. Hopkins work is intrinsically cinematic, producing dreamy, poetic work that used to be almost exclusively oil but now incorporates layers of resin, iridescence and other mixed media. Hopkins has completed projects for Google, Red Bull, Wired Mag, Pabst and ESPN. You can visit Justin Hopkin’s piece “No Sleep” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Sarah Joncas Nuvango Gallery

Sarah Joncas is one of few locals in In Our Veins, she holds a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design and is currently living and working in Toronto, though is originally from Hamilton and Niagara. Joncas began drawing a detailed dinos and lizards at a young age, and found a desire to make up her own characters and subjects as her practice grew. Joncas works with oil paints, creating accurate anatomy and then enhances features or elements that highlight the emotion or presence of her chosen subject. You can visit Sarah Joncas’ portrait “Electric Daisy” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

We've extended In Our Veins until March 13
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