In Our Veins: Get to know the artists (Part 2)

Nuvango Gallery Salon Wall

Nuvango Gallery’s current exhibition In Our Veins is proud to be hosting 19 wildly creative North American artists. Though working in several different mediums and styles, these artists are all tied together within the current artistic trend of ‘pop-realism’, an intricate play between highly realistic detail, and surreal characters. Each week, until the exhibition closes on March 11th, we’ll be releasing a series of blog posts that dive into the career, practice and lives of the talented artists participating in In Our Veins. This week, meet Brin Levinson, Jason Edmiston, Isabel Samaras, Randy Ortiz, NC Winters and Paul Jackson.

Brin Levinson Original Art at the Nuvango Gallery

Brin Levinson has been living and working in Portland since 2001, and has been painting for over 17 years - his works are tightly orchestrated and are influenced by industrialism, dark winters, and the intersection of the man-made and the natural. Levinson often uses photography as part of his process as a mechanism to gain inspiration and perspective before beginning to paint on canvas with oil. Levinson has participated in several important shows, including Unnatural Histories at Antler Gallery in Portland, and Evolution at Merel Gallery in Chicago which paired food and fine art for a truly immersive experience. Levinson’s work has been described as atmospheric, dreamy and moody - creating detailed dystopian landscapes. You can visit Brin Levinson’s painting “Alligator” on the West wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Jason Edmiston Original Nuvango Gallery

Jason Edmiston is not only an extremely talented painter, but is also the curator of In Our Veins. Edmiston is a traditional artist who uses acrylics on watercolour paper or wood panels, his style is highly detail-oriented and emotive. His subjects are often over-emphasized or exaggerated, with a nod in the direction of caricature. Edmiston has created work for Nike, Coca Cola, Gallery 1988, Wall Street Journal, Nestle and Comic Con as well as working with Mondo frequently to create reimagined movie posters and other merchandise. Edmiston’s paintings for In Our Veins are portraits of his wife and father, which were painted from reference photographs used for creating posters for Game of Thrones and Evil Dead. You can visit Jason Edmiston’s two paintings “Model as Subject: Ash” and “Model as Subject: Daenerys” as well as the accompanying posters on the West wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Isabel Samaras Original Art Nuvango Gallery

Isabel Samaras is originally from New York City, and now lives and works in San Francisco. Samaras is heavily influenced by pop culture icons of the 1970’s, classic horror movies, ancient mythology, kitschy TV shows and childhood fables. Samaras’ work can be describes as magical realism, as it combines the elusiveness of dreams or desires meet realistic forms. Samaras’ considers the heart of her work to be love; she portrays all subjects (monsters, animals, disembodied limbs) as capable of love. Samaras has been featured in many publications including texts on pop surrealism, 20th century female artists and lowbrow art. You can visit Isabel Samaras’ painting “Planet of the Drapes” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.
Randy Ortiz Original Work Nuvango Gallery

Randy Ortiz is a self-taught illustrator and fine artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. His work is particularly unique as his personal work and commercial work can be identified by colour palette. Ortiz works in various shades of grey with charcoals for his personal work, and in highly saturated or even neon tones for his digital commissioned work. Ortiz has done extensive work for the music and movie industries, including illustrations for the movies Alien, Guardians of the Galaxy and Gremlins. Ortiz is inspired by the frozen prairies of his hometown in Winnipeg, daguerreotype photography and the aesthetics surrounding depression or hopelessness. You can visit Randy Ortiz’s two charcoal works “Study of Edward S. Curtis "Young Wishham Woman"” and “The Sound of Emptiness” on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

N.C. Winters Original Works Nuvango Gallery

NC Winters is a painter, illustrator and sculptor from San Diego, California who often combines all three mediums in his work. Winters is deeply inspired by the subconscious, with emphasis on identity and how it takes physical form. His works are often complemented by hand-crafted frames with immense detail. Using ink, watercolour and acrylics Winters creates layered, encapsulating pieces that challenge perception or orientation. You can visit NC Winters’ “Cognitive Dissonance” in the South West corner of Nuvango Gallery, this work is also available as print in a limited edition of 5.

Gods Ego Paul Jackson for Nuvango Gallery

Paul Jackson is a Brighton born, Toronto based artist who has been drawing since he was just five years old. Jackson’s artwork quite literally dismantles figures as he pulls skeletons, veins and organs from the surface of his subjects. His hyper-realistic detailing is often created with ink, colour pencils or fineliners, making his process incredibly time consuming. Jackson is inspired by the fear of the misunderstood, he places the movie Jaws as a major influence and attributes this and other Spielberg films to his addiction for monsters. Jackson often completes listens to vintage horror film soundtracks such as Psycho while creating his work. You can visit Paul Jackson’s “God’s Ego” on the West wall of Nuvango Gallery, as well as “The Lurker” and “Soul Splitter” in the salon wall located on the East wall.

Paul Jackson Gods Ego Nuvango Gallery original

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