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Nuvango Gallery’s current exhibition In Our Veins is proud to be hosting 19 wildly creative North American artists. Though working in several different mediums and styles, these artists are all tied together within the current artistic trend of ‘pop-realism’, an intricate play between highly realistic detail, and surreal characters. Read on to read the last of our 4 part blog series on the career, practice and lives of the talented artists participating in In Our Veins. This week, meet Dave Correia, Alex Pardee, Gary Pullin, Rob Jones and Camilla d’Errico.

Dave Correia Nuvango Gallery

Dave Correia was born in New Orleans, and raised in San Francisco where he still works today. Correia is a member of the dark and delicious collective Zero Friends, along with Alex Pardee, Jason Edmiston, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Skinner and more. Correia has been intrigued and inspired by comic books, horror films, and video games with a special interest in demonic creatures. His work has been featured in an ad campaign for Scion and on the cover of Swedish metal band In Flames’ gold record “Sounds of a Playground Fading”. You can visit Dave Corriea’s two works “The Veil” and “The Smouldering” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Instagram love Dave Corriea Nuvango Gallery

Alex Pardee wears many hats including artist, apparel designer, comic creator, writer and illustrator, and each hat is a little stranger than the last. Pardee is a California-based creator who has worked with many artists including the collective Zero Friends, as well as bands like The Used or In Flames. Pardee also created the marketing and promotional artwork for the film Sucker Punch. Pardee tends to combine the cute with the cruel, creating a world where anything is possible. You can visit Alex Pardee’s two works “Mr. Birthday” and “Mr. Fourhead” on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Alex Pardee Nuvango Gallery Tour with Jason Edmistonart

Gary Pullin aka Ghoulish Gary is deeply invested in all things frightening. In his own words, he has been a fan of horror since he was old enough to put a tape into the VCR. Hailing from London, Ontario, Pullin is a full-time creator, including writing his own column “The Fright Gallery” for Rue Morgue Magazine (which he used to be the creative director of). Pullin has created work for many album covers including Waxwork and Death Waltz, and in 2009 was voted Artist of the Year at the Rondo Hatton Awards. You can visit Pullin’s two works “We All Float Down Here” and “Coffin Joe” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Gary Pullin Nuvango Gallery

Rob Jones is the operator and sole employee of Animal Rummy, an online shop with originals, prints and design services available, based in Austin, TX. Jones is a graphic designer focusing mainly on posters, he’s created work for Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather), Arcade Fire, Nick Cave and more. In 2010, Jones (and Jack White) won the Grammy award for Special Packaging for their design of the White Stripes box set, "Under Great White Northern Lights". In addition to band work, in 2005 Rob spearheaded the poster side of Mondo, the art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse. As one of three creative directors, he currently oversees Mondo's production of artwork for posters, soundtracks and toys. You can visit Rob Jones’ work “Tin Mandozain the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

Rob Jones Nuvango Gallery

Camilla d’Errico is an Italian-Canadian Artist born in Ottawa and currently based in Vancouver. d’Errico is a comic creator, writer and artist, a pop-surrealist painter and has had her hand in a number of creative endeavours from video games to graphic novels. She fell in love with comics and became invested in the community after her first visit to Comic Con San Diego in 1998. d’Errico has a degree in illustration and graphic design, as well as art history, with special interest in painting, life drawing, and 3D mediums including vinyl toys. d’Errico’s work tends to be emotional but without restricting perspective, her figures are open to interpretation and are often coveted as collectible characters. You can visit Camilla d’Errico’s two works “Puck” and “Charles Pugsley the Third” in the salon wall located on the East wall of Nuvango Gallery.

We've extended In Our Veins until March 13 and after that the pieces will come off the wall, and the website, never to be exhibited together again. Interested in the limited edition unsigned prints? The limited run prints from selected artists will be available online here until June 15, 2016.
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