Artist Interview: Musician David Matisse

david matisse

This Wednesday we launch our next exhibit FSTVL SZN and exhibiting artis TheSuperManiak has invited a special guest to curate and perform the music for the evening… her dear friend, David Matisse (of Keys N Krates). In an effort to help you get to know him better we asked him a few random questions. Read on to learn more about Matisse and his connection to music and Maria, aka TheSuperManiak:

Nuvango: When did you first pick up the keys?

David Matisse / Matisse -- First time I touched a piano was when I was 4 years old.  I was trying to copy the song my older brother was learning.  In my family culture it was custom for the kids to perform for their aunts and uncles and I didn't want to be overshadowed by my brother. Ha!

N — Have you ever strayed away from the keyboard, you know.. to say a Ukulele Retreat or the like?

Matisse -- I once went to band camp and learned the Trumpet.  I was pretty good at it too.  

N — If you weren’t doing music… what would you be doing?

Matisse -- I’d be a professional dolphin rider.

David Matisse Nuvango Gallery

N — We know this is a cheesy question, but we can’t help it… what inspires your songwriting?

Matisse -- Cheese does.  All types of different cheeses. Cheddar probably the most.

N — Out of all the projects you’ve done, and we’re talking all of them.. even that interesting piece you wrote for your high school marching band (okay, we made that up… but…), do you have a favourite piece or project that stands out in memory for you? If so, what is it and why?

Matisse -- Probably producing the track dum dee dum, I spent a lot of time looking for that perfect unique vocal sample and it really payed off.  That song is 4 years old now and still going strong.

David Matisse Nuvango Gallery

N — What kind of keyboard do you use?

Matisse -- I use an akai mpk 61 controller

N — If you could jam out with any musician (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Matisse -- I’d say Roger Troutman, from the 80s band ZAPP. Dude was such an innovator in his heyday.  He was the one who really introduced me to what you can do with vocals, melodies, grooves and a talk box.

N — How do you know the supermaniak?  

Matisse -- From her shooting for me at festivals.  Loved her photo aesthetic and we really got to know each other and become friends during the Mad Decent boat party. That girl can really get down and dance!

N — Do you have a favourite Music Festival, if so.. which one and why?

Matisse -- It’s tied between Electric Forest and Shambhala. Both festivals go way above and beyond with their lights and decorations.  They transport you into another world.  You don't even have to watch the shows, you can just get lost in all the side decorations.

N — What’s next for you?

Matisse -- Just touring a lot this summer playing festivals in North America, Europe and Japan. Also working on new music in the studio in Toronto.  And when I’m not working you can find me sitting outside on my patio having a drank with friends.

David Matisse Nuvango Gallery Keys N Krates
Meet Matisse IRL at our FSTVL SZN opening this Wednesday night as he performs and curates TheSuperManiak's festival soundtrack.
Details & RSVP can be found here.

Nuvango FSTVL SZN David Matisse

*all photos provided by David Matisse