Artist Interview: Photographer TheSuperManiak

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She has traveled the world shooting for Red Bull and Embrace, and logged hundreds of hours shooting on tour with Diplo and Skrillex. She is... TheSuperManiak. This Wednesday TheSuperManiak will be launching her first solo exhibition with us at Nuvango Gallery and for those of you who can’t meet her IRL we thought we would ask her a few questions to help her fans from far, far away feel a bit closer. Read on to learn more about Maria Jose Govea, aka-TheSuperManiak:

Nuvango: Where does the name SuperManiak come from?

Maria, TheSuperManiak: I used to dj under the name Maniak, so when I started doing photography I added the Super part to separate the two careers. I'm not sure how I came up with the super part, I guess I was feeling great that day.

TheSuperManiak Nuvango Gallery SkrillexN: From DJ’ing music to documenting it?! What prompted the career change?

TheSuperManiak: I never meant to stop djing, but I got way too busy with my photography and I had to make the incredibly tough decision to set djing aside. I couldn't do both and give both careers my 100%. I miss it so much!

TheSuperManiak at Nuvango Gallery FSTVL SZN

N: What kind of camera do you use? Any fav lenses? Fav editing software?

TheSuperManiak: Canon 5D Mark III and my Canon 50 1.4 is my fav baby at the moment.

TheSuperManiak and Red Bull exhibition at Nuvango Gallery FSTVL SZN

N: Can’t help it. ..gotta ask, that’s a cute accent… where are you from?

TheSuperManiak: I'm from Venezuela! Born and raised. Moved to Toronto when I was 23 to study film and stayed here.

TheSuperManiak Nuvango Gallery FSTVL SZN

N: What does Festival Season mean to you?

TheSuperManiak: I used to be a raver. Then I became a DJ. Now I'm a music photographer. Festival Season pretty much sums up what my life has been since I was a teenager. Music means the world to me, so these images are sort of the visual soundtrack to my life.

N: Is there a particular artist/photographer/creator you look up to? If so, who and why?

TheSuperManiak: I look up to so many people!! Hi Wes Anderson! Hi Tarantino! Hi Ryan Mcginley! Hi Spike Jonze! Hi Michael Jackson! Hi world! You get the idea :)

N: Nuvango fans… if you haven’t checked out Ryan’s work, we highly recommend it!

TheSuperManiak FSTVL SZN Nuvango Gallery

N: Your photography has taken you all over the world… is there a dream project and location that you really want to be a part of/go to?

TheSuperManiak: Of course - Space! (I mean it).

TheSuperManiak Digital Dreams

N: What’s next for you?

TheSuperManiak: Breakfast in bed.

You can meet TheSuperManiak IRL at our FSTVL SZN opening this Wednesday night while at the same time taking a leap into her visual universe and grooving to the musical musings of David Matisse of Keys N Krates.
Details & RSVP can be found here.

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*All photos provided by @TheSuperManiak