Finding The Found Polaroid Project

Nuvango Gallery intern Deanna Manolakos shares a few words on the Found Polaroid Project - Part of our INSTANT exhibition running until July 3. 

Nuvango Gallery Found Polaroid Project

Interning at Nuvango Gallery is pretty sweet but the sweetest part is the constant exposure to creative minds like Kyler Zeleny’s “Found Polaroid Project.” Zeleny bridges the gap between known and unknown worlds through relatable imagery merged with our own fantasies. Zeleny finds abandoned polaroids of individual people, families, and events then gives global audiences the opportunity to rewrite their history.

found polaroid project at the Nuvango Gallery

The subjects of the photos are given new characters but their image remains preserved. Stories are usually submitted on the “Found Polaroid Project” site where anyone can submit a 200-300 word anecdote, from the perspective of the photographer, subject or even a bystander. The stories are then available to be read online, this participation can also help in relocating these lost images to their owners which is Zeleny’s ultimate goal. This exercise of imagery and context alters our understanding of photography and questions how we interpret it.  

Found Polaroid Project at the Nuvango Gallery

In combination with Impossible Project (the last polaroid film developing company), you can catch “Found Polaroid Project” at Nuvango Gallery where a small show displaying five individual Polaroids and stories will give audiences the opportunity to contribute to the art, as well as make their own polaroid’s, breathing life back into an analogue past.

Found Polaroid Project

Nuvango Gallery encourages creative spaces for people of any background to experience and be apart of art which fits perfectly in the “Found Polaroid Project” space. Art is about innovation which Zeleny captures perfectly within his practice of context and visual production then amplified onto Nuvango Gallery’s walls.

You still have time to participate in the exhibit before it closes on July 3. Stop by the Nuvango Gallery (639 Queen Street West) to submit your story, your picture or just come party with us on June 29th to say good-bye to the exhibit with a few of your friends.

Nuvango Gallery Found Polaroids