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They Came, They Saw, They Conquered!

It’s not everyday that 60+ teenage girls descend upon your studio dressed to impress and sporting tiaras and sashes. StoriaPR contacted us to support Miss Teenage Canada as part of their Toronto tour and national competition. The goal of their Nuvango visit - to introduce these young women to mentors in leadership, entrepreneurship and maker positions.  The morning kicked off with all of the Delegates meeting a few of their tour guides: Hillary Sampliner / Director of Fashion Design, Conni Zarifis / Fashion Designer, Brianna Bordihn / Communications Coordinator, me (Dawn Laing / Director of Communications and Marketing), and Wilma (Studio Dog and official Nuvango cuddler). Hometowns & provinces were shared (East Coast Represent!) and the Nuvango team provided some insights that we each have...

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