FAQ - Artist Edition

We know you're probably full of questions and we're here with the answers. Some of the answers are a bit long, but we have a lot to say! It's very important to us that you understand what we're up to and why. Have a read through and you'll find our contact info at the end if you're still left scratching your head... 

What's the deal with GelaSkins, I thought you were called Nuvango now?

OK, here's the scoop... GelaSkins started in 2005 as a tech accessories company. We only made one product (skins for iPods at the time) and we called them GelaSkins. As time went by we started adding more products to the site. Canvases, art prints, apparel, some home decor stuff even. It didn't feel right to lump everything under a name that referred to a single product line (GelaSkins). So, in the Summer of 2014 we rebranded to Nuvango, putting everything under the new brand name. Nuvango is an abstract name we made up that didn't have any pre-conceived notions about what it would be. Right now, the primary focus for Nuvango is collaborating with artists to create amazing apparel and running our new(ish) art gallery here in Toronto.

One thing that we underestimated, in a typical, humble Canadian fashion, is how much people loved the GelaSkins brand. They felt strange landing on a website with dresses, leggings and t-shirts on it when they'd come looking for our tech accessories. On the flip side, it turned out that people coming to our site for fashionable apparel were a bit weirded out by how many tech accessories we showcased.

Who were we? What were we to do? After many a long walk on the proverbial beach, we came to the conclusion that GelaSkins and Nuvango are better off as two separate sites/brands. With GelaSkins we can focus on making the best looking tech accessories on the planet, and with Nuvango, we can push the limits of artist-designed apparel and lifestyle goods merged with an art gallery. 

We will be re-launching GelaSkins.com as its own site in mid-June 2016. 

Did you get bought out or something? Who's in charge over there?

Nope, that's just an urban legend. We're the same ol' folks that started things off in 2005 and all of our products have been made, by us, here in Toronto ever since. We've blossomed from a team of 2 to over 25 bright eyed makers and dreamers that love what we do and feel deeply honored to get to work with the artists that make our mission possible. 

Will GelaSkins & Nuvango showcase the same art/artists?

The short answer is, no.

GelaSkins will feature a few hundred of our favorite artists that we've worked with over the years, and we will constantly be on the lookout for emerging talent to add to the mix. As before, artists that are a part of the GelaSkins catalog can expect to be featured on an ongoing basis. We will continue to update the product offerings to keep up with new devices (iPhone 14 anyone?) and refresh artwork (when requested) to keep up with artists' latest works. 

Nuvango will feature a small, rotating group of artists. Could be as few as a dozen or so at any given time. It will operate as a seasonal apparel focused brand with more emphasis on short runs, limited editions and curated capsule collections. We feel that this is more in line with the higher priced product assortment and emphasis on establishing ourselves as a credible force in the modern fashion world. 

How and when do I get paid?

We pay all of our artists by PayPal. We've got a love hate relationship with them, but they are currently the best option for facilitating transactions like this. If you want to update your PayPal email you have on file with us, just let us know. 

Payments are sent out quarterly (4 x per year) within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter. So the payment for sales in January - March, go out in April. Payment for sales in April - June go out in July, etc. 

What is the commission structure again?

20% of the retail price for anything sold online

10% of the wholesale price for anything sold through other retailers, boutiques, gallery stores, etc.

I want to freshen things up! How can I submit new art?

That's great! We'll be starting to add new art to GelaSkins.com by the end of the Summer. You can send anything you'd like us to consider to artists@nuvango.com. We'll be updating that to a new email address soon, but that one will still work. 

Can I login somewhere to add new art?

We don't currently have a login system. Keeping it ol' school. 

I'd like to sell GelaSkins/Nuvango products on my own site, is that possible?

Yes! Maybe! It depends! We've built some really exciting tools that make this possible. You'll be able to add as many products as you want, set your own prices, and do it all from your own website. We've started with Shopify powered sites. If you're currently on another platform (eg. SquareSpace, Big Cartel, WordPress, etc.) and considering an update to your website/shop, we strongly recommend Shopify. Some of the other platforms let you make pretty portfolio sites, but nobody can touch Shopify from an eCommerce perspective. We love talking about this stuff, so get in touch if we can provide any guidance or advice. 

What about bulk/custom orders? 

This is a big part of what we do behind the scenes. If you have any special requests for larger quantity projects that you think we can help you with, drop us a line here

What if I want to break up and end this relationship? What's the fine print on that? 

It would be sad to see you go, but we don't hold grudges around here. Our goal is to make our artists happy so they don't want to leave us. If you decide you'd like to go in a different direction just let us know and we'll take your products off the site. You'll be paid for any existing sales in the same manner and time frame mentioned above. 

These online partnerships are weird, how do we know you're real people? 

Good question. We've been working with so many amazing artists over the last 10+ years and many of them we've never had the pleasure of meeting in person. A blessing and a curse of this whole internet thing. We travel to various art galleries and conferences on a regular basis, so we could bump into each other out in the wild at some point. If you're ever in our fair city of Toronto, please drop us a line! We love showing people around our operation and you can see where your products get made. 

Still have questions? You can reach us here. Email is always a safe bet, but if you're more comfortable talking shop on the phone we have those too. Don't be shy.