Nuvango partners with Notion to manufacture apparel in Toronto. Notion is a vertically integrated factory housing all the necessary equipment to produce high quality digitally printed goods. Nuvango is Notion’s original manufacturing partner and has now grown to produce apparel and goods for other clients as well. The Notion Factory produces all apparel on demand to help eliminate the need for inventory and reduce waste, giving businesses an alternative to mass production.

Set in downtown Toronto, the Nuvango studio and headquarters are a hub of creativity and inspiration to those who work here and visit. Originally built as a macaroni factory a century ago, this historical open concept building houses our head offices and our vertically integrated production facility called Notion.

Upon entering the building you are met with walls lined with beautiful original artwork, quirky installations, and friendly faces that make Nuvango so unique. Our production facilities look and feel very different than most garment factories. The production floor is bright and airy, spanning the first and second floor of this beautiful post and beam structure.


The faces behind the machines are that of a diverse and evolving workforce. Young, new graduates sit next to veterans of the industry, they share jokes, experiences, and knowledge. The positive and respectful environment encourages feedback from our workforce to improve our products and methods of manufacturing in a lean and agile way. The collaborative efforts of our production staff and designers, all under one production roof, means we are always researching and innovating our methods, products, and production. 

This is the new wave of manufacturing in North America,

one Nuvango is proud to be a part of.