Where We Are From and Where We Will Go...

Nuvango has a unique story beginning over ten years ago with an art inspired tech accessory brand called Gelaskins. The founders of Gelaskins, Drew Downs and Jamie Pichora built the business with art at its heart. Gelaskins grew rapidly at a time when tech accessories had just hit the market in a big way. They saw a need in the consumer market and filled it with artistic, quality products produced ethically and sustainably in Toronto, Canada. Pichora and Downs grew the company over the past decade to become a hub of art and design, selling millions of products worldwide and becoming a favourite brand of artists and designers alike.

Nuvango emerged in 2015 out of the shared passions of its founders for quality, sustainable production and well designed, artistic goods. Bringing on a fashion team to bridge the gap between art and design has brought Nuvango to the forefront of the fashion world, curating collections and creating new garments that take the idea of wearable art to the next level.

Along with setting the bar when it comes to artist collaborations, Nuvango is pioneering the on-demand approach in the fashion realm. This vertically integrated production method allows us to adapt quickly to ever changing style trends and take risks few others are prepared to in the name of innovation.