Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions:

906 ART SHOW: Nuvango Gallery presents STU DEAD
Opened to the public October 14 - 31

PlayDead Cult x Nuvango Gallery


July 13 - September 3
FSTVL SZN with TheSuperManiak at the Nuvango Gallery
Remember that amazing feeling standing front-row for your fav band? Dancing and singing along to the chorus, hands up, eyes wide open, soaking in the energy of everyone in the crowd who is there for the same reason you are - for the love of music. It doesn't matter if you love winding to reggae, line dancing to country, moshing to pop-punk or throwing your hands in the air when that beat drops - music brings us together, and no one has seen this magic more than Maria Jose Govea aka TheSuperManiak

Gallery goers who joined us for FSTVL SZN were able to explore the vibrant music scene through TheSuperManiak's lens. Re-live the opening party here and visit TheSuperManiak's work here.

June 9 - July 3 2016

INSTANT Possible Project at Nuvango Gallery

Gallery goers had the opportunity to learn hands-on about the legacy of instant photography - Nuvango created an on-going community Polaroid wall using The Impossible Project’s instant cameras and film & asked gallery visitors to be a part of it. As the last producers of instant film in the world, this was an exciting and unique opportunity to get up close & intimate with Impossible’s brand new I-1 camera and have your portrait added to the cumulative exhibition. Instant also explored the narrative and nostalgic nature of Polaroids with an installation by The Found Polaroid Project, including an opportunity for gallery visitors to submit their own story about a found Polaroid chosen from our Found Polaroid wall. During this exhibition we also ran numerous FREE  workshops, Impossible Project launched their NEW camera with us (you can still purchase Impossible Project Polaroid Cameras onsite (while supplies last)), and Kyler from the Found Polaroid Project ran two separate workshops ( & The exhibit ended with a closing party so gallery goers could see the final result of the community wall It's always sad to see an exhibit go, but we can't wait to show you what we can coming up next.

Found Polaroid Project Nuvango Gallery
Found Polaroid Flash Fiction
Impossible Project Nuvango Gallery

Nuvango Gallery Jake Sherman Contact Photography Festival

May 1st - 31st 2016

A solo exhibition by Jake Sherman

I’m New Here invited gallery goers to experience life through the eyes of Jake Sherman, a born and bred Toronto artist. Sherman and his camera have a natural ability to acclimatize to any city, now having travelled far and wide to bring together street, documentary and conceptual photography, I’m New Here manifested through large-scale prints and colorful wheatpastes. Nuvango Gallery hosted this collision of grit and gloss for the entire month of May as part of the CONTACT Photography festival. 


Contact Photography Festival  


PhonoGRAPHIC TCAF Show at Nuvango Gallery

May 12th - 31st 2016

100 Vinyl record covers by 100 comic book artists.
The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), in association with The Lakes International Comic Arts Festival and Nuvango Gallery WAS proud to present Sean Phillips’ PHONO+GRAPHIC, a gallery show of vinyl album art created by comic book professionals. The show included 100 albums, 100 creators, many past and current participants of TCAF.
Nuvango Gallery TCAF

(Photo by Bill Locke) 


Colour Theory Nuvango Gallery Callen Schaub Julie Hawkins


April 8th - 25th 2016

A connection of art and fashion, Colour Theory embraces the nuances of contemporary colour palettes, textures, and techniques. Gallery goers had the chance to explore the vibrant worlds of Callen Schaub, Julie Hawkins and the fashion design team of Nuvango Gallery & Goods as they intertwine their practices to create chromatic results. The show closed with an artist Q&A (lead by Fashion Art Toronto's Executive Director, Vanja Vasic) and an exclusive spin performance by Callen Schaub.

Check out this video of the performance by blogger Julie Smalls:




Nuvango Gallery In Our Veins Jason Edmiston Alex Pardee Camilla Derrico Colin Christian Sarah Joncas

Nuvango Gallery collaborated with curator Jason Edmiston present our exhibition, In Our Veins.

Feb. 11 - Mar. 11

In Our Veins was a collaborative installation and group exhibition which highlights the pop-cultural and pop-art influences of 19 artists from across North America. Nuvango Gallery converted into an intimate and curious space reflecting the home or studio of these artists most devoted collector, a character who seems to be stuck between a few decades of pop culture’s past. Moody decor, kitsch accents and nostalgic items brought visitors to the past, while viewing contemporary representations of this cult aesthetic. In Our Veins was designed to highlight the different channels each of these artists have taken, though they have stemmed from similar cultural roots. From tiki to horror, vinyl to antiques, the gallery became home to several different disciplines and styles  - showcasing the artist’s very first influences and their latest adaptations.

Shop the original works and limited edition prints. Click here!
Proudly Featuring:
See what our friends over at EVILTENDER had to say about IN OUR VEINS here.


Carnovsky RGB: A VOYAGE

NOV 19 - JAN 23, 2016
"Takes staring at walls to a whole new level..." VICE
Read the VICE Media review and interview here
Carnovsky Crowd
Carnovsky Dress
Carnovsky Show
Blue Clhoe
Carnovsky Panorama
Shop the Carnovsky RGB Collection here


OBJECTIFY : With Dave Murray and Kirsten McCrea

SEPT 15 - NOV 7, 2015
Click to view available works from the Objectify show

Click to view the recap of the show opening on our blog


    LVLUP : A Group Art Show

    JULY 15 - SEPT 7, 2015